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Greetings, and a warm welcome to you! I am Pastor Schadi, an ordained spiritual leader and the visionary behind Schadi Ministries, as well as the founder of the New Generation Churches Community - The Shelter.

My journey, which started in the Democratic Republic of Congo and brought me to my current residence in Norway, has been filled with both tribulations and triumphs. It has been a path of learning, growing, and discovering my purpose. This journey, shared with my loving wife Alicia and our four incredible children, has instilled in me a profound understanding of life's challenges and the transformative power of faith and resilience.

My commitment to serving others extends beyond the pulpit. The trials I've encountered throughout my journey have given birth to a heartfelt desire to aid those in need. It is with this spirit that Alicia and I spearhead the 'Blessed to Bless' project. This endeavor is designed to support war victims and street youth, providing them with shelter and necessities, instilling in them a sense of dignity and worth.

Operating out of our headquarters in Kampala, Uganda, Schadi Ministries, and The Shelter serves as beacons of hope for those weathering life's storms. We strive to be more than just spiritual organizations; we aim to be a nurturing community where hope is fostered, faith is strengthened, and resilience is built.

I extend an invitation to you, not only to join us but to become an active participant in transforming lives. Your story, your journey, can be a ray of light for someone else. Together, we can create a ripple of change and positively impact the next generation.


At Schadi Ministries, we are dedicated to creating an environment that promotes growth, faith, and service. We offer a broad range of initiatives aimed at meeting various spiritual and community needs. If you or someone you know may benefit from our services, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our facilityy. Here's how we can assist:

  1. Leadership Mentoring: We provide consultations and seminars aimed at nurturing effective, inspirational leadership in accordance with Biblical principles.

  2. Church Planting: In our mission to reach the world, we actively engage in the planting of churches, extending our spiritual community far and wide.

  3. Outreach Programs: We are committed to serving those in need, offering practical support and spiritual guidance through dedicated outreach initiatives.

  4. Discipleship: Rooted in our desire to help individuals deepen their relationship with God, we offer discipleship programs that encourage spiritual growth and commitment.

  5. Couples and Marriage Counselling: We believe in fostering strong, loving relationships and offer consultations and seminars to support couples at all stages of their journey.

  6. Conferences and Gospel Campaigns: We host and participate in various conferences and gospel campaigns globally, spreading the word of God and engaging with diverse spiritual communities worldwide.


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At Schadi Ministries, our mission is to make a difference on a global scale, touching lives both spiritually and materially. We believe in the power of connection and community, and we extend an open invitation to anyone who shares our vision to partner with us.

Our ministry operates across multiple spheres, encompassing both the proclamation of the gospel and service to the less fortunate. We are dedicated to shaping leaders within our community and offering hope to those who feel they have none left.

A key area of our work lies in reaching out to refugees, providing for their immediate needs, and offering long-term solutions. We're actively engaged in offering shelter to the homeless and nutritious meals to orphaned victims of conflict from Congo and Burundi residing in Uganda.

But we do more than just address immediate needs. We firmly believe in empowering individuals to become self-sufficient, to rise above their circumstances. To this end, we have programs in place for widows and refugee youth. These programs focus on imparting valuable skills that equip them to care for themselves and their communities.

Our "Blessed to Bless" project takes our mission a step further by providing shelter and skills training for street boys. Through this initiative, we aim to turn lives around and create a ripple effect of positive change.

Your partnership can play a crucial role in amplifying our impact. We welcome sponsors who are passionate about making a difference and empowering individuals and communities to rise above their circumstances. Together, we can make a significant impact and transform lives.



NADINE, Prophecy fulfillement

"It was in February 2018 in a Sunday service while papa was preaching and suddenly he turned to me and told me “ NADINE my daughter next year is your wedding”, I could not stand this because it was very heavy to me since I did not have even a fiancée (boyfriend) but I trusted his God.

Surprisingly in April, a very handsome man came into my life as if he was sent by an angel, 

On 21/10/2018 papa Schadi once again prophecied to my life that in two weeks I am going to receive a very good testimony and that happened: after two weeks My fiancé told me he was going to marry me next year but I thought he was joking, I thank God that today not only that I am a married woman but I am married to a man who loves me so much and who I deeply love.

EVERYTHING happened just like the man of God told me. THANK YOU PAPA.

2. Once again I thank God of my father papa Schadi, when I was pregnant and the delivery date was already past, I was worried and I sent a Facebook message to papa Schadi and he called me and told me “don’t worry before next week you are going to give birth”… it was amazing because it was as if God has whispered to him because He did not even pray for me. He just spoke those words and surprisingly the next Sunday (one day after I called him), I delivered and now I am holding my child.




MUTABESHA, After two years without a child and my wife desperated

after two years of wedding we could not have children and this was very painful to both of us and especially to my wife.

though we all needed a child it affected my wife more than it affected me, she lost weight and she was very uncomfortable with that situation. we have been praying for it and trusting God but one day after the church service, Daddy apostle Schadi called me in his office together with my wife and he told us


"I will never have a barren couple in my ministry and it will never start with you. God never told me that and I refuse to see you spending years without a child unless it's your decision otherwise I want to see you holding a baby this season."

then He told my wife to bring a bottle of water, so my wife went outside and bought drinking water at the shop and papa Prayed for it and we drank it with my wife. and then he said tonight I want you to conceive in Jesus' name.

and after nine months God made us parents, my wife conceived, and today we are the father and mother of JEDIAEL MUTABESHA COHEN and MARCELINE.



RACHEL ., After many years of failing to conceive, I am finally a mother of many.

My name is Rachel and I live in Canada. I have known pastor Schadi since he was still a singer and a choir leader and for me he is a brother. but for so many years I have been stryggling with the lack of the child and all the doctors have told me it is impossible to conceive due to biological issues. I have been prayed for by different men and women of God but nothing has changed until in... i have decided to contact pastor Schadi from Kampala and explained to him my case, i have to be honest that he responded the way I did not expect, he did not rush to pray for me, instead he wanted to know more about my past and he started counseling instead. after many hours of talking and counselling then he told me on to put water in a class and drink, I did so, he prayed fot it on phone because as I said I live in Canada and he was living in Kampala.

after I drunk the water he told me next year I will have a baby, and thank God today I have not only one baby but three since then.


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