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The NGPC-SHELTER CHURCH HQ is located in the heart of kampala city and our building is constructed on a private land we have been renting ever since the church was moved from the old adress.
Due to the lack of our own plot we never had a parmanent adress and have been shifting from place to place.
In 2015  we got our currently adress (see the picture). we agreed to rent the empty land and as you can see we started the construction and unfortunatly we have been given the ultimatum to evict the place or we buy it.
Therefore we are coming to you brothers and sisters to share with you our will of buying that plot and keep our current adress .
We aiming to  raise 150,000$ in order to buy the land and finalizing the construction.
we pray that may the Lord bless you as you are freely giving for the cause.
We appeal to any indivual or organization willing to support the work of the Lord around the World to support us by making a donation through our "DONATE" Page where you will find the bank details or you can contact us.
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